Monday, January 9, 2012

Road Rage, Hindu Temples and Petrified Sand Dunes

Logan to St. George= 342 miles. That's a lot of miles in a crammed little car...listening to "Undaunted Courage". Which may sound like an intense, terrifying book but in reality is a history book on Lewis and Clark, read by a nerdy narrator. Literally, he talks through his nose. Last time I ever let Garett choose the audiobook. Actually, I must admit it is a little interesting and on the positive side we will be Lewis and Clark experts by the end of this "Core of Discovery"
In fact I already feel like we're experts. Ask me or Garett anything about their expedition. I dare you.

You can't expect me to drive 342 miles listening to Mr. Nasal Narrator and not initiate some kind of road rage. Seriously. I don't care if your tailgating me I'm still going to go the speed limit and if your bugging me enough I may even slow down, a fun little game I inherited from my dad. Well this particular time this wise shot decided that 10 over the speed limit was too slow for him and began to tailgate Garett and I. Because of heavy traffic and his unnecessarily large trailer the guy couldn't get around us. Was I upset about this? No. Was I going to do move out of his way? No, he was bugging me. 30 seconds later he was able to get into the other lane and pass us. He rolled down his window and attempted to spit on my car, which was, of course, unproductive. Seriously? Didn't this guy ever spit out the school bus window when he was a boy. Your lugi will always turn into a boomerang and usually end up right back where it came from. He then proceeded to flip me off. I love you too, buddy. Garett says it was absolutely abominable and his reaction was the best choice in the situation; ignore the guy. Well I was so shocked the only thing I could do was laugh. So I started laughing and then did the most horrible thing anyone could do and should be banned from the world of body language; I stuck my tongue out and him. The once enraged man cracked a smile and then began to laugh at me. It may have been a " Wow did that girl just do that? Teenagers these days." laugh but hey he was no longer set out to make my life miserable. Next time someone flips me off I think I'll pretend to cry to see the reaction. I can't wait to initiate some more road rage. This could be the greatest travel game of all time.

Did you know Hindu temples are a great cure for what Garett calls "trucker butt". It's true.
This is Lotus Temple in Spanish Fork, UT. It's everything you could hope and dream for in a Hindu temple.

It has llamas, pictures of blue people, interesting statues, a vegetarian buffet, and even spires complete with pigeons!

Garett enjoying the statues' stares piercing into his soul.

Making PB&J in the car.

Our 342 mile journey ended in Snow Canyon State Park in St. George, Utah.

This is our cozy little campground. Ursla (my car) in the background got us to St George on $30 bucks of gas! Wahoo! We love Ursla! Even if she is a Disney Villan.

The bathrooms were even cozy. Someone got overly creative trying to dress up the campground bathrooms. We called them the Italian getaway. Don't you think the only thing missing is some lovely vines and roses?

Despite the warm 30 degree weather Snow Canyon Campground was empty and Garett and I believed we were the only ones there. That is until breakfast the next morning when an older gentleman at the table next to us said, "Greetings, Fellow Campers." Quite a coincidence considering this restaurant was 10 miles away and completely random. So apparently we did have camper buddies! Yay!

Bear Paw Coffee Co. is the name of the restaurant and they serve ginormous pancakes!

While Eating breakfast-
Garett: I like how they have pictures of John Wayne everywhere.
Me: Yeah, its way awesome.
Garett: Except they drew that picture wrong. His eye patch should be on his left eye.

And although the food at Bear Paw was amazing Garett's comment was my favorite part of breakfast:)

Set your butts here.

Garett and I hiked more than half of Snow Canyons trails. We would hike one and then say well we still have two hours lets hike another one and the process continued until we had hiked more than half of the trails. Here are some pictures

Petrified Garett

Petrified Becca

Petrified Dunes

Sometimes Garett makes a great model without even knowing it.

Southern Utah is Gorgeous!!!!

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  1. Great post made Kacie & I laugh, cry, weep, and cheer!!!