Sunday, January 15, 2012

A promise is a promise.

Who ever has managed to stay awake while reading this blog I know you are probably just absolutely dying to read all about me and Garett's adventures in Fort Worth. And I did promise y'all I'd tell you all about the adventures, so no worries folks, you no longer have to press the refresh button on blogger/facebook because what I'm about to tell you is what you have all been waiting for.

Our first stop in Fort Worth was the Water Gardens. It was close to the bus station and easy to get too. The gardens were absolutely gorgeous. Here are some pictures:


First Pool

Second Pool

Third Pool- I swear this is every boy's dream. Building a ginormous hole with stairs and watching the water go down.

Some pretty pictures at Water Gardens.

Garett at the water gardens.

Me at the water gardens.

Garett and I went to Billy Bob's the World's Largest Honkey Tonk. It's true. There we watched Josh Gracin. If you're wondering who Josh Gracin is he was on American Idol and is the artist of the song "Nothin' to Lose"
Next time Garett and I go to Billy Bob's we decided this;

We will learn Country Dancing.

We will learn how to correctly play pool.

Yes I am hitting the red ball. The white ball went down one of the sockets so we thought it was lost forever but apparently there is a nice little spot on the side of the pool table that the white ball returns to. Who knew? Not us.

Garett's gonna bring him a purty girl.

And I'm gonna bring me a handsome Justin.

And we are going to party, play pool, and dance the night away. I can't wait. I believe the next step to this plan is to find Garett that purty girl:)

Meet Cory. He's half Irish and half Cherokee. He is drunk, but I'm sure you knew that by the second sentence.

When getting off the bus we asked him if this was the best stop to get off to see the parade.

-A little background on the parade: This week just happened to be a big event in Fort Worth. The stock show. To celebrate this event they had a large parade. No motor vehicles allowed.

Our friend Cory said it was the right bus stop and he would show us where the parade was. Turns out we actually showed HIM where the parade was. He was a little confused. Good ol' Cory stayed with us the whole time and talked Garett's little ear off. Funny thing was even after the parade we kept seeing him around town. Silly Cory. This picture makes me laugh because I asked if I could get a picture of him and he was all excited and put his arm around Garett. Well, this terrified Garett for a moment and I took the picture at that exact moment. Scroll back up to the picture and notice Garett's frightment. Classic. Sorry Garett! I just wanted a picture of your new buddy!

The stock show parade was awesome! It had all the essentials:

Cowboy Boots.

Cowboy Hats.

Cowboy Mustaches.

Here are some more pictures.

Fort Worth according to a tuba.


  1. Cute blog Becca! And you are quite talented at taking photos! Have fun!

  2. i love your pictures! they have excellent quality.:) -Allison