Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Only in Vegas.

In the Mcarran International Airport there is everything from cigars to lingerie. Oh, and some planes too. If you are a sheltered Mormon from Logan, Utah and you are dying for a culture shock go ahead and drive a few hours south until you hit Las Vegas. You'll be culturally shocked for sure.

A completely random picture that reminded me of culture shock and has nothing to do with anything really.

This is a note we found in the airport museum written by Pat Hitchcock, Alfred Hitchcock's only child, about Las Vegas and it is exactly how I feel about Vegas. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's how most people feel about Vegas.

Last night Garett and I stayed at our mom's cousin's in Henderson. Garett drove there and we got a little taste of what rush hour in a city is like. Garett's exact words are "Whoa! I'm sweating more now than when we were hiking!" All I have to say is I'm glad he was the one driving.

Annie, my mom's cousin, and her family are so awesome! They let us sleep on the most comfortable couch and love sack ever and in the morning made us waffles. Thank you Dowd Family!:)

What I have to say about the scary airplane check in is this:
Curse Garett and his primitive instincts to feel the need to have a leatherman on him at all times! When going to our gate we were emptying out pockets into the bins to be analyzed, or whatever, and he found his leatherman, of course, and put it in his bin anyway. What else do you do? Try to hide it? So, when it got to the X-Ray man he spotted with his X-Ray vision aka computer and held it up, "What is this." Garett said "A leatherman?"
The man, seeing Garett obviously wasn't not out to assassinate anyone and certainly does not have a violent nature had Garett follow him to mail his weapon back home. Garett followed without his shoes, belt, phone, or even his sister. So I was a lost and confused soul for twenty minutes. Silly leatherman carring boys who walk around airports without shoes or sisters.

Our flight was delayed...for maintenance. I don't know about you but that's the last reason I want to hear of why my flight was delayed before boarding the plane. It was probably just the engine and they had to throw some nuts and bolts around. No biggie. It didn't make me feel any better about the excessive squeaking noises has we took off to Dallas or maybe as we took of to death, depending on if the nuts and bolts in the engine were holding up.

Garett waiting at the airport.

Me waiting at the airport.

Before boarding the plane:

After boarding the plane:

(These are our scared faces.)

First lesson learned in Dallas: A 10 minute taxi ride will cost you 50 dollars! Beware. Yes, we did spend more on a stupid taxi to our hotel than our plane tickets. That was an expensive mistake. But we did arrive safely and the hotel is clean so I'm happy. Although the hotel clerk gave us a handicapped room. Literally, it's handicapped.

Check out the shower.

After the long day travelling and what not we were famished so we walked to the sports grill down the road. All I have to say about that experience is you know your in Texas when there is a large sign on a restaurant door reminding you its illegal to carry guns into buildings and your waitresses accent is so thick with "ya'all"s that you can't understand her.

Now that our bellies are full and we've had handicapped showers it's time to decided what attractions to see!

Can't wait for tomorrow's adventures!

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